Saturday, February 24, 2007

Keep The Commands

Why do some people say you can have a good relationship with GOD by just believing in HIS message and not keeping HIS commands. That is one of the biggest lies out there. We must remember that the Bible says:
If you love me, keep my commands.
-John 14:15
Any kind of good relationship with anyone is always based on love. You can't just say you have a relationship with GOD and go around doing whatever you want. You have to love GOD by trying your best to keep HIS commands to have a good, strong relationship. A good relationship with GOD will make you a stronger Christian with fear for the LORD. And everyone knows that's the beginning of wisdom! (Proverbs 9:10)
If you have any questions, corrections, or anything else, please comment.
Keep pressing on toward the goal.
I'll see you in heaven someday.
GOD bless you.
Your Servant,
RC Hammer

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm Back

Ever since I got my Google acount, it wouldn't let me update I Am Who I Am. I tried to fix it but I couldn't figure out how. So I decided to simply make a sequel to I Am Who I Am.

This is the sequel where I will continue what I Am Who I Am started. Please hang on while I start fixing up this site. The other posts will come shortly.

And as for I Am Who I Am: The Hits; I can't get into that site either. So I suggest you don't go there.

If you want to go to I Am Who I Am, the adress is:
If you need this sites adress, it's:

GOD Bless you.

Your servant,
RC Hammer