Monday, August 27, 2007

The Exalted Ones...

For whosoever exalteth himself shall be humbled; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.
Luke 14:11

Many people today have lied to themselves... And they have fallen for their own lies. They think that in order to feel better about themselves, they have to put someone down. It's all about building themselves up with the crumbled results of their last victom. Many people find it as a sport; Put down the ones you don't like, so you assumingly gain popularity and new friendships with the one you do like. In other words, many people exalt themselves.
My message today is two words: It's wrong. Not only that, it's sinful. It offends GOD. I tell you, everyone who exalts themself looking for power, will be greatly humbled by the all-powerful, almighty GOD. Amen.
Now, if you seek power among others, and if you want to stand firm and stand strong in front of people (without sinning), here is my advice. Stop. Stop seeking power in this world. Stop seeking revenge. Stop seeking every material, every item... Stop seeking earthly things. The only thing you should be after is GOD, and pleasing GOD. This way you will truly be happy with what you have, and maybe, maybe GOD will bless you with some of the power you (use) to want. How about this:
Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33

But when you get a good blessing... When you get anything that is good, make sure you praise GOD and thank HIM. Because everything that is good comes from GOD.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father...

James 1:17

GOD bless you all. Peace be with you. Keep your faith limitless, and your relationship with GOD strong. Don't lose hope. Do not fear. GOD is with you. May all praise go to HIM.

Your servant, RC Hammer

Monday, August 20, 2007

KJ-52 | Are you Real Lyrics

Are you Real?

So much stress keeps running through my mind now I fell into a mess that I wish I could climb out I guess I'll hide it so nobody will find out That way everyone things everything is fine now At home things are messed up with mom and dad And at school all my friends stab me in the back No one is real anymore I hate the way they act There is so many things that I wish I had So God if you're there do you understand Don't you care about anything that's happening It's not fair to put me though all this junk again You see that I'm scared so help me if you can So please speak loud and clear cuz I'm listening I need to know that you're real cuz I'm struggling You need to show that you're here cuz I'm stumbling Show me that you care and this is why I'm saying this

Are you real I want to know? Are you real then let it go Are you real I want to know Are you real then let it show

It was right then when everything it began to change I started looking at these things in a different way I saw life through God's eyes and it wasn't the same That was right at the time I called on your name And then I saw all the lies that was thrown my way I recognized that I need you and on that day I cried out and seeked you that was when you came Now that I see you I've been through a major change I believe you are real cuz it's so plain And finally I feel that I can make it through anything It don't matter what they speak or if they hate They can't keep me down no more cuz I've seen your face And from now never will I be ashamed Cuz I'm a stand strong I won't bend or sway Now that I know that you're real it's gonna be ok I hear you speaking in my ear and this is what you say


See there is a war that's going on outside You can try and ignore it and just run and hide But everyday more and more people die See the battle is for souls and we are on the front lines So many soldiers are too scared to fight They're too worried about what people thinking of they life How can you fight if you won't lay down your pride And how will anyone see if you won't shine your light So many of your friends is walking around blind And you've got the source that can open up their eyes It's yall's choice what you'll do with your lives But I'm gonna go to war cuz I've made up my mind Jesus gave his life when he went and died So the least that I could do is just give him all of mine So how many of yall are ready to fight by my side Cuz this is what he's saying right now here tonight


(Sorry I've only been posting lyrics. I'll have more for you soon. Most of these songs have a good message, so that should cover me for a little while... Haha... -RC Hammer).

KJ-52 | One Lyrics


What love could take a slap to the face And a jab to the face and get stabbed in the waist As they laugh and they came as they passed by the place Where he hung and was beaten till the blood he could taste What kind of love had him treated this way Just bleeding away while he was bleeding in pain Well to seek and to save was the reason he came And the one love for you was the reason he gave (one love) That love was the reason he raised Himself from the grave and it's the reason he reigns Time will pass and seasons will change But the love that he has never leaves or just fades

One Love One God One Way (repeat)

What God made the sun and the moon Sky and the trees and caused them to bloom Who was alive when he came from the tomb And will come back light up the sky like high noon What God can make it all brand new Just for you in the times when it all falls through When you can't find your way who you gonna call to The one God the only God now that's who (one God) There ain't no other God that's true There ain't nothing that my God can't do You ain't heard what I said now dude Well his name's Jesus man I thought yall knew c'mon


There is only one way you can be born again There's one way you can be free from sin I proclaim one way came from the Son of Man If you don't agree then you can take it up with him One way might be hard to comprehend But one day every single knee is gonna bend And just proclaim right now who he is Just the one and only way to eternally live (one way) So a choice this day is what I give You can walk away from everything that Jesus did But it won't change what the facts is That there is only one way through Christ that's it See I hold one mic to proclaim one mic from one drop So that you would understand it took one time on one day on one cross And only one Christ came just to pay one cost And that one life is why I'm saved when I was just lost Just stop shhhh Listen to what my advice is In your crisis you need to understand who Christ is The priceless timeless sacrifice who's life is the reason why my life is Who's body hung lifeless but today is the reason why my mine lives Who he is is not just your cuss word Who he is is not just your homeboy on your t-shirt Who he is I'll summarize in three words Way, Truth, Life, and I'll say it till all have heard Now it's plain that Jesus walks But I know that he also runs I know because he ran to me with his arms wide opened up There was nowhere I could hide now from his love And yet I know enough that one thing ain't gonna change That at the end of the day when it all fades away No matter what they claim no matter what they say It still only comes down to One Love, One God, and One Way

Lecrae | Unashamed Lyrics (ft. Tedashii)

A yo man let that beat drop on emYea, oh you know I'm liking that right thereWats good yallIt's yo boy LecraeSome call me crezyI'm here with my 116 clique representing to youWe just want to put it down for the Lord Jesus ChristCity to city and state to state, we keep running into more 116 clique membersPeople who are unashamed of the gospel of Jesus ChristLet me tell you where we're from dog'
New Jerusalem, that's my homeLet me put it in a song, so you'll never get it wrongNo shame in the message, that's the reason I live (reason I live)Christ up in every song, He's the reason I'm hereAll they rhyme about is guns, money, sex and drugsEighty percent of these dudes is fictional thugsWe don't kill nobody, we don't rob no storesWe don't trap, we aint strapped, we don't smoke that droWe aint pimpin, we aint trippin, if we tippin on some foursDen youll probaly hear dat Jesus music comin out our doors(comin out our doors)We aint ashamed, you can call us lame,But everybody gotta die and stand in front of the King
[Chorus:]We unashamed, unashamedUnashamed, unashamedUnashamed, unashamedUnashamed, unashamedUnashamed, unashamedUnashamed, we unashamedUnashamed, unashamedUnashamed, unashamedWe unashamed
Watch this so you can really know what time it isGod is resurrected and I'm here to glorify HimMa Jesus, Jesus, ma Jesus might make a great tuneBut we gotta lead em dipset to the weight roomI gotta date soon, but it aint soon enoughFather keep pruning us, cause its proven we known for screwing upI cant front cause the pressure is still thickAnd when sin in looks like the pressure, I'm havin to turn quickA sin sick, so merk it like John OwenYou know when Jesus the Christ you can pay him, but still owe himWe shoulda died and been buried for our wrong actionsInstead Christ died and carried them on his own back (What?)This is a known fact, but some say that its fictionThis is our lifestyle, no its not a religionSee I survived death back in 2002,And religion is not at all what got your boy throughYea your boy crayola, I don't do payolaNo floors full of baking soda, just JehovahI get played to the left more than I get paid to writeSo I aint worried about eating dog, tryin to display the Christ
You see me on the block, the ava void in the landWe look the same, but we differentWe bring God to this thangWhile being vocal by the Lord and not a piece on chainBut don't get it twisted, its reasons these boys unashamedHow bout 39 lashes of beatings, they laughing and teasingThese blasphemous heathens reject the passion of JesusHe fasted from speaking even with nails bashed in His feat, and the cross,He gasping and wheezing, His lungs collect as He's breathingThe chief priest stone in the court of this chiefMy Prince of Peace minus the pipe who bought my grief so no more chiefinBut like the rims that hit the curb (curb) we call em shoulder bladesWe got out crosses on our back like our shoulder bladeThis is death and resurrection that turned about my directionStepping toward perfection had nothing to do with me (do with me)But the gospel is the power and power been men to pow outWe powed in the pavement takin the message to the streets

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Part 6

Hey! Give me my nuts back!

Here's a hint: This black and white picture sells at gift shops for over 30$.

This is a very small sample of all of my pictures. If you want more, just say the word, and I'll either post them or send them to you via email. Sorry I was kind of slow on doing this. I've been very busy, not just with current affairs, but with many things on the internet. It's kind of been wearing me out... I've been getting insulted and stuff, too... But I'm going to attack all of my problems head on. Yes, filled with the SPIRIT, having seen life through GOD's eyes, I will refuse to be put down by the devil. I will not be miserable when he wants me to. I'm more then a conquerer! Yeeeaaah!!! So, I'm trying to get a little more on track. I might post as much, but I'm here. Now, what I was going to say has kind of been blown out of proportion... I think I will end with a verse. A verse from one of my favorite new testament books, James.
My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;
Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.
James 1:2-4
GOD bless you all. Peace be with you. Keep your faith limitless.
Your servant, RC Hammer

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Back!!! Part 1.

I'm back... I'll sum up my trip for you:

1. I drove through Chicago. "Let's go inhale some nice toxic fumes!"
2. I stayed at the Wisconsen Dells for a little while. That place is like theme park land! Carnival rides and waterparks are everywhere!... Nobody really comes out at day, everyone wonders around and goes to there great novilty stores at night!
3. I drove through Minnesota. I saw the Mississippi river. Lots of corn.
4. I drove through many miles of South Dakota... Flat, flat, South Dakota. But, once I got to the end of it, I realized it was a very mountanous region. I went to the Badlands... Very Awesome. I also saw Mount Rushmore.
5. I went through Wyoming... All the way to Yellowstone National park! Yellowstone is a very beautiful place... with great natural sights. It's also teaming with abudant wildlife... I'll show some abudant wildlife in a little bit...
5 1/2. I went to Montana and Idaho... while staying in Yellow Stone. Idaho looks a lot like Napoleon Dynamite's homeland... So I have no doubt that they didn't film it in California.
6. I went down a little ways, to the Tetons. Very beautiful place, but I didn't get to see much... Because our car broke... (kind of), and we had to fix it. Our car broke... Haha.
7. We stayed there a little while, and then we drove home through a few different states. They were: Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa... and of course, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Many things to see in all of those states.

In total, I went through 13 states... Indiana, Illinois, Wesconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan.

It feels very good to get back. While I was gone, I took over 1,000 pictures. I will only share some of my highlights with you (I will do a few more "parts", with pictures).

I actually thought I would be home sooner, but we had to stop for a little while in Indiana. GOD actually told me that we were going to have to stop for a little bit during my trip, I just didn't realize it. I asked my Dad when we would be home (on one of the last days of our trip). I remebered his answer... and I believed it. I then kept heaing James 4:13-15 in different places... I didn't realize this was what GOD was saying to me:

Go to now, ye that say, To day or to morrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain:
Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.
James 4:13-15
A little be later, our car's radiator broke, and we had to stop for a little while... Yes, I could have been home much sooner. My message is: If you have faith, GOD will speak to you. Maybe not in words, but in acts, HE will make HIMSELF known. (HE sometimes speaks to you, too).
In the next few posts, I will try to post pictures... GOD bless you all! Peace be with you!
RC Hammer