Saturday, January 12, 2008

The True Meaning...

As you begin to steadily read your Bible, you might come across what you consider to be your favorite verse. This verse might appear very inspirational to you. It could quite possibly define your relationship with God. Maybe it seems to resemble goals or characteristic traits that you have, or want to have. Whatever the reason, you have picked it as "your favorite verse."
Now, as you continue to read your Bible and grow in your relationship with God, you may realize a totally different meaning to your verse. A new meaning that makes it even more significant to you... That goes into deeper depths of truth.
For example... My favorite verse is:
"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." -Romans 12:21
Ever since I began reading the Bible, this has been my favorite verse. (I know it by heart... I don't even have to look it up). However, just the other day, I realized it's true meaning, and how it is meant to be lived out.
I was being tempted to do something against God... Something I do not want to write. I almost fell into the pit of temptation, when, suddenly, I shoved the idea right back into Satan's face! I proclaimed victoriously, "Get behind me! Don't try to make me do that again! Just because you suggested the idea of doing something evil, I am going to instead read my Bible." Then I went and read a few chapters. I knew I had just savagely stomped on the devil in Jesus' name, and that probably knocked him away from me for a while... Then I realized my verse. I had just lived it out. I refused to be overcome with evil, and instead, I overcame it with Chuck Norris!... Uh... I mean... Good! At that revolutionary moment, I had realized the true meaning of my verse. And now that verse will always be there to aid me when I fight the good fight. In a sense, it has added to my armor of God. (Well, I guess the Bible would be considered the sword, because the word is the sword, but in Ephesians the sword is also the spirit... So... I guess it works either way).
Now that you see my example, you can look forward to finding the true meaning to your favorite verse, or literally every verse in the Bible. It's funny how you can read the whole Bible, but never fully understand what you are reading until a little while after. I believe that if we unlock the true meaning of the Holy Scriptures, they will come alive to us in new ways that were never thought imaginable.
Just keep reading, and have endurance.
God bless you all. Peace be with you. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
Your servant, RC Hammer
"My Alliance Consists of:"
3. Mr. T
2. Chuck Norris
1. Jesus


Dmic said...

Hey, Ryker my favorite verses are Exodus 3:4-17 I kone it's kind of long but it has an important message to all of us. Well, talk talk to you soon.


RC HAMMER said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. Do you practice the clarinet very often?

Dcaf said...

Hey RC, thats awesome! I liked the part where you said you stomped in the devil in Jesus' name. This post is definately gonne help me out when I'm tempted!


RC HAMMER said...

Thanks... I'm working on a lot of other posts too...

And D, that wasn't an insult... I just ment you're very good, and I wanted to see if it was a result of constant practice.

RC HAMMER said...

Dcaf, have you ever heard Bounce by Mannafest? It's a very good song!

Anonymous said...

wow the last post was january

from ky