Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to Meijers: Higher Prices, Lower Standards

Raising your Standards
Part 1

I've noticed something very alarming that I think I should mention before it is way overdue; A great number of Christians have lowered their standards. What do I mean by this? I mean they have lowered the term "sin" and brought it down to almost nothing. They have raised their acceptance of many sinful, ungodly things. Some even take the next step and begin to perform such wicked deeds. They've taken God's law, threw it into the trash, and written up their own "ideas" in place of God's holy and perfect law. God's law? I'm talking about things like lying, committing adultery (if you look at someone with lust, that's adultery too), or even using God's name in vain (that's a very big one). You understand... The basics. Things like the Ten Commandments. Great multitudes of Christians, maybe even you, may think that some of these things are okay to do. But I'm here to warn you; When you die, these are the things God will judge you by. Will you be innocent or guilty? Will you be the one professing God or possessing God? Remember, heaven is spotless... It cannot contain sinful things.

You may be the one thinking that you don't need to live by God's law, that you can participate in corrupt and vile deeds. However, remember that you are a temple of God... The Bible says that any one who destroys the temple will be destroyed. (I mean "destroying the temple" by sinning).

Also, why would you want to participate in sinful things? You were saved by Jesus Christ! He took you out of your harmful state and cleaned you up, made you one of His chosen few! He didn't have to... He could have left us all stranded on this earth. You were forgiven because He was forsaken! (Goodness! I using a lot of quotes from songs). What I mean to say in this part can best be summed up by Jesus, when He said, "If you love me, you will keep my commands."

Some of God's children have been corrupted by their own sinful acts, which consume them and lead them to death. So, I think it's my responsibility as a servant (and friend) of God to give this message of repentance. (Kind of like John the Baptist... "Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!"... I could see Mr. T saying that too...). So, all of you who are consumed by sinful works, repent, and be washed clean with the holy and powerful blood of Jesus Christ. Stay away from all sin, iniquity, and anything that is against God's law that will lead you away from the path of life. I come to you in Jesus' name, and I call you to raise your standards. (If you don't know what to raise, then I highly suggest you spend some time in the light, with your Bible. If you are already a Christian, you should be reading it a lot anyway).

Raising your Standards
Part 2

So, reading over this you might have some questions or complaints, like, "Your not Chuck Norris, you can't tell me what to do!!!" Or, "Maybe I'm guilty of this stuff, but what about you? You have sinned too." Alright, concerning the second one... My answer...

I believe what the Bible says. And the Bible says that no one is without sin. Therefore, I say myself, I am evil. However, there is one who is perfect and without sin, Jesus Christ. And judging by His perfect law (the Bible), I perceive you to be evil too. I am not telling you that you need to raise your standards by my own speculation and ideas, but I am telling you all of this with my eyes on God's law... the perfect and upright law. You see, I'm correcting my sinful acts, I'm getting rid of them. I am raising my standards. Right now, I am simply calling you to do the same. In Christ's name, amen.

Raising your Standards
Part 3
Don't go away yet! I have one more part to cover. Yes, I want you to raise your standards, meaning to accept less sinful things... Meaning to accept no sinful things actually. But I also want you to accept more holy things. How about reading your Bible more... or praying to God... A lot! Everyone reading this knows about prayer closets (there are other names for them too) right? It's a place where you pray to God at least once a day. If you don't yet have one, you should build one up. How about fasting? Basicly, what I'm trying to say here is that you should try to dedicate yourself a little bit more to God, not only by pushing away sinful things, but also by getting closer to godly things.

That is my message. Think about it.

God bless you all. Peace be with you. I'll be praying for you.
Your servant, RC Hammer

माय गोद'एस फस शिने उपों यू एतेर्नाल्ली


Anonymous said...

hi ryker and every bodyelse how was your vacation so far.

Anonymous said...

from kyle. this is confusing again

RC Hammer said...

Hi Kyle! How's it going? Good for me. I'll invite you over soon.

What's confusing? The post?

Dcaf said...

That was a perfect post Ryker! You used just enough humor and the perfect amount of seriousness! Hey have you seen or did you see the special about young evangelicals and the place they call GOD camp? (It's some bible camp) The lady there taught that if harry potter was alive today hed be killed for withcraft and stuff. I agree with most of the things they say but some stuff like that global warming isnt a problem i just dont agree with. Theres probably something on youtube if you search God camp. I don't get why people(some of the kids and ppl at God camp and some evangelicals) think that sitting in Church like we do is like going to a dead church where God isnt present?!?!?! ITS CRAZY!!! A little girl that went to God camp who was like 8,9, or 10 was talking about that, and although she is very young, i still thought whoever taught that was making a huge judgement and assumption! Well you'll see it all if you do find a video. And things like raising your hands and calling out GOD's name is great and all, but I don't see why they think it's better than just doing things quietly! Well I've said enoguh about that, oh and what does that "aramaic"? thing at the bottom of your post mean?


P.S.- Man I talk alot.

RC HAMMER said...

... Ah man... I had everything written out, but it got deleted...

OK... Just a second....

I'll rewrite it.

RC HAMMER said...

Hi Carl. Thanks for all the compliments and stuff.

I'll start from the bottom... The aramaic says "May God's face shine upon you." It's just an added blessing I like to put in my posts. Since most people don't what it means, they're clueless that I'm confirming their meeting with God with that single line.

It's funny, I actually did try to balance my humor in this post. I didn't want people thinking it was "too funny." Despite that, Mr. T and Chuck Norris never let me down... It's to bad I couldn't add Colonel Sanders... Watch, some people from the west coast might start complaining because they don't know who "Meijers" is.

GOD Camp sounds sweet! Just what the kids today need... proper guidance into the light with (I'm assuming) entertaining things to... help them along! No really, it does sound cool. Where is it normally? I wish I could do more on Yo' Tube, but my computer isn't the fastest and it would take me about 30 minutes to watch about 30 seconds of video. (Yes, that's a bit of an over statement but I needed something to properly visualize my point).

So... Silence in Church? Controversy? I call it the fun part. I'll write about that in a different comment box for these reasons:

1. I might go in just a minute.


2. Some people (not you and me I'm sure) get intimidated by numerous amounts... a lot of words. So if their trying to follow this, they'll appreciate it being shorter (not that it will actually be shorter, it will just look shorter).

Alright... Just a moment (or longer... I might go hunting in a minute)...

"* Spelling and grammer mistakes unchecked *"

Dcaf said...

Hey I found out some stuff on your uncle, the one who owns the Dolphins, he still lives in Grand Rapids and theres a whole page of him on wikipedia! Is your mom's name Jean? Also i think his name is spelled differently, his is huizenga but im not sure if yours is that or huizinga...


RC HAMMER said...

Yeah... I don't know... But he still lives in Grand Rapids! That's sweet! I should go visit him sometime... He probably lives downtown.

RC HAMMER said...

Alright... The "dead church" thing.

I don't think the people at God camp were specificly talking about the Catholic church. They were most likely talking about dead churches that are protestant or babist or just plain Christian (if you know what I mean). The Catholic church is full of customs and tradition... So, according to those customs and traditions they stay silent during mass and things like that. I don't think they ment to do harm to Catholic people.

What they probably ment by an "alive" church is one that is spiritually and physically on-fire for God... There's masses (some that I've been to) where the music is done with eletric guitars and everyone is shouting and worshiping and stuff. Then the preacher gets up to preach and starts blowing you away... But if the Church is "dead", then they probably mean a dull message, dull music, and a group of people who are bored and tired.

(Keep in mine that I am not comparing and contrasting one of those churches to a Catholic church... I'm just trying to give an example of what they are talking about... Which most likely is not a Catholic church).

...That's that.

*No spelling or grammer checks...*

RC HAMMER said...

...Now hopefully you were talking about the Catholic church...

Anonymous said...

Thats one long post


Anonymous said...

march now